Shipping policy

Thank you for choosing Awesome Pops!  We take pride in offering excellent customer service, and appreciate the opportunity to turn your negative experience into a positive one!  This includes ensuring that we ship your items fast, and shipping costs are inexpensive.

All items are thoroughly inspected for damage before we carefully package your order.  If there are any damages to the item, more detailed pictures are posted on the listing. If there are any flaws to the item, we ensure they are minimal, and would not sell a damaged or "crunchy" item.  To ensure we provide the best quality packaging, all orders are packaged with bubble wrap.

Shipping costs are determined based on the shipping services that was selected.   We recommend using USPS First Class Package since it is the most affordable.  We provide tracking numbers for all orders, and we strive to ship within the next business day.  If orders are placed through UPS or Fedex, we strive to ship within the next day.  If there happens to be a significant delay with your order, we will be reaching out to you via email.  

In order for us to provide you some piece of mind, all items will be carefully packaged.